Anyone who knows or follows Cola – know’s that she’s a crazy ball of energy on a mission!
As Founder of “Good Vibes Only Movement” (GVOM), she balances a hectic corporate life with a very clear sense of passion and purpose to create meaningful impact in the world.
Here’s a little insight into what drives Cola, and why we value her so much as a critical part of our Pherform community.
Using three words, how would you best describe yourself ?
Resilient. Authentic. Kind.

What career background do you have? I’ve dabbled in different fields in the past: events, PR, marketing, project management and finally in the media business of producing content

If you could quit your job and live anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
Probably in Barcelona, brush up on what little Spanish I know, slow down from the hustle and bustle of H.K., enjoy my siestas in the day and sangrias at night

Do you believe in fate? Have you ever experienced it? 
Yes, I believe in fate. I believe that what’s meant to happen won’t ever miss you no matter how many times you try to work you way around it. Every day is fate. Every day I’m fated to encounter the people I encounter, I’m fated to be in situations that I’m in, I’m fated to act the way that I act, and I’m fated to feel how I feel.
For 2018, what do you want to accomplish? 

Personal, health and professional. Personally, I wanted my existing relationships to be absolutely amazing — in the way that we communicate, interact, share, and are with each other. Health wise, I wanted to accomplish living a healthy and strong life — feel good, look amazing! Professionally, I want to expand my business and really create a dent in HK and spread what we’re all about: good vibes!

Have you ever volunteered for a charity and if so which one? Tell us more….
Yes! I’ve been volunteering with Room to Read since 2015 whenever they need extra hands at registration during fundraising or their gala events. I also help out at a non-profit school for underprivileged kids in Manila called Mano Amiga. Last year, my team and I at GVOM created a sports program for primary 5 kids to help promote the idea of teamwork.

What do you feel is your best asset? 
Connecting with people through authentic conversations.

What brought you to Pherform?
I was drawn to the amazing people who run it ♥️

What inspires you? What gets you up in the morning?
My mission to create a positive impact and transform the world by producing and creating content.
Check out Cola’s work at GVOM here