Pherform member and former FFF participant Rey was stuck in a rut, drinking regularly and admittedly eating MacDonald’s every night after a night out! She is now a transformed woman whose more confident and motivated than ever..

So what is FFF? It stands for Female Fat Loss Formula (FFF). It is a 12 week, 3 phase nutrition program that is to be combined with the FST programming at Pherform. The program educates and guides you in how food plays an advocate role in not only your performance in the gym but to understand exactly how to eat- for life. Reduce inflammation, improve metabolic flexibility, burn body fat, create lean and functional muscle, and improve energy throughout the day are just some of the positives you will receive from the program. This program is ran in blocks throughout the year.

Read Rey’s amazing story below:

I finished university in July 2016. I had no excuses left. I told myself I will join a gym in a one month. So I ate all the naughty things and drank everything I possibly could full of August. In September, I woke up at 3am one night and googled ‘female boot camp’ and found bikini fit! I joined bikini fit on 14th September. I had struggles with hot and cold diets and commitments to the gym. I told Alex, the founder of the gym my issue. He suggested to have only small goal and work on that. So my first goal was : gym everyday!

1 year went by and I followed that goal. In 2017 August, I spoke to Alex and told him I wanted a second goal and he said FFF is being offered in Pherform and so I applied.

On 18th Sept 2017, I joined FFF for 12 weeks. The first month was brutal I won’t lie! I was depressed and isolated from everything and everyone. But because it was a Group thing, I knew I wasn’t in this myself. Whatever I was going, the other ladies were too. It made it seem normal and I felt like this was just a phase which would eventually pass. I trusted the system because Alex explained each day’s feeling! I still remember on day 4 of FFF, I was feeling the worst and Alex said it’s sugar withdrawal. Because I had an explanation to how I was feeling and he estimated a lot of major changes ahead of time, I was well prepared.

You need to know something about me, I used to be a huge party animal!

I would be drinking tons at least 5 times a week. Also, all my years of university life, I had MacDonald’s almost every night at 2am. So when Alex said it was no carbs, no sugar, no alcohol for 3 months, it was a real struggle for me.
On 9th December, it was the end of 12 weeks. But I had been telling myself 3 months all this time and I just didn’t want to stop. 3 months and 12 meals is a bit different. I decided to continue on. I was feeling great. I was never hungover, I got a lot more done over the weekends. Healthy clean and meal prepping had become a habit that I liked. I think because I knew what to eat and how it should be made helped a lot. First hand, I saw how I felt after chicken and veggies versus a MacDonald’s meal.

I was about 70kgs when I started FFF. By the end I was 52 kgs and I’m 160cm tall. After 3 months, on 18th December, I was terrified of carbs by this point. I was scared of gaining all that weight back. I started focusing on the wrong thing – the scales!!!!!!

So I stayed on the diet and continued FFF by Myself.

Unfortunately, after 4 months I had to break it as it was my 25th birthday and I got peer pressured to drink… That brought back old ways! I was back to drinking at least twice a week! I got on the scales after 2 months and saw I had gained 3 kg!

Second FFF Diet Journey:

I was very very unhappy and decided to do a 3 month reserve diet just like FFF but by myself. But how would I hold myself accountable?

I created a new Instagram page @reydiets

  1. To be held accountable
  2.  To be an inspiration
  3. To show an ex- heavy drinker can turn her life around
  4. To motivate others into this fitness lifestyle  and healthy eating

Side note: my 5 year relationship had just ended. That played a big factor to why I created @reydiets

I wanted to focus on myself. I wanted to be a better Rey. For myself. Not for my ex. I wanted to stay strong and love myself again.

I started the diet to lose 3 kgs. I lost it in 7 days.. (It was all water weight)

The first month of my second reverse diet started on 10th April 2018. I cut carbs, sugar, alcohol, etc. I was on 1500 calories a day. A meal would be 3 eggs, 50 grams of turkey breast And 50 grams of asparagus. Or 150 grams of chicken breast and 100 grams of pak choi. And I went to the gym and did 8 classes in pherform weekly. By the end of month 1, I wasn’t losing anymore weight according to the scales so I started asking my coaches what’s going on.

My coaches explained I was exhausting myself and over working out my body. Thus in turn I wasn’t losing any weight.

So I changed my goals. I decided to cut cardio and only focus on lifting HEAVY!

I’m at the end of month 2 and I feel amazing!!! Whatever I eat is burned off right away!!! I workout 5-6 times a week and only lift heavy! No cardio! And I have incorporated drinking once a week and I try to have at least 2-3 cheat meals a week. The reality is I’m going to drink. I want to sustain this healthy lifestyle and so I am now toning with alcohol and weekly cheat meals.

I started this diet for all the wrong reasons. All I was focused was the weighing scale. But I want to stay on for the right reason. I want to be STRONG.

The coaches always assure us that we, ladies can’t look big like a man and they were right.

I now wear a size 0 for jeans and shorts from a size 9 back in September 2017. So yeah, I’ve surely become small-framed but I have no idea what my weight is today and honestly I no longer care!