Our next Member Spotlight goes to Nicole Go!

Nicole and community Manager Maria met for coffee and she stated they “had a very honest discussion on our lives. Throughout our lovely meeting, it was evident that despite of our age differences and different walks of life, we are actually very much alike and are both grateful that Pherform and its community allows us to feel confident from the inside out”

We appreciate you Nicole! Read more about this lovely lady below.

Three words to describe yourself?
… I’m always hungry.

What career background do you have?
I’m an art writer for a Paris-based, international commercial gallery called Perrotin. Before that, I was doing my masters in philosophy in London, following 1.5 years in another Hong Kong-based French gallery. I’ve always been interested in the art scene though I’ve never studied art formally. It’s a combination of being humbled by what I see and the thrill of learning on the job every day; I figured if I didn’t have the talent to create, I could at least try to articulate how I feel about what’s out there. In the long run, I’m hoping to go back to graduate school for a PHD in art criticism, and/or become a curator.

If you could quit your job and live anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
The English Lake District, no second thoughts! My partner took me there on a surprise vacation last year whilst I was still studying; it was like being cradled by life itself again after another depressive episode living abroad on my own. It’s just bare earth, so open and accepting and beautiful. Since then we’d joke about quitting our jobs and becoming shepherds. Growing up in Hong Kong, the English countryside is like heaven on earth for me; I loved yelling out farm animal names as I spotted them on the road, don’t mind me.

Do you believe in fate? Have you ever experienced it?
I do believe everything happens for a reason – how I met some of the most important people I now can’t live without, how I found my lifelong passion both professional and personal… how things worked out, one way or another. Maybe it’s not some mystical fate, but there’s always a larger scheme of things: these are the days that must happen to you in order for the narrative to make sense some day. Living with anxiety and depression has taught me just that: “life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards”

For 2018, what do you want to accomplish? Personal, health and professional.
It’s been exactly half a year since I joined Pherform and started training regularly, so I’m looking forward to breaking some PB’s this year as I continue to polish form and technique. I want to be completely caffeine-free (used to have like 4 espressos a day until my heart started acting up) – by extension I want to commit fully to ridding bad habits (actual and mental), and be consistent. Professionally, I want to self-study Korean and Japanese, since our gallery has a lot of projects and collaborations in those regions.

Have you ever volunteered for a charity and if so which one? Tell me more….
Not since I finished uni in 2016… I’m penciling this as another 2018 goal- hit me up if you have any recommendations!

What do you feel is your best asset?
Hmmm, discipline, I think. Though it’s a fine line between discipline and stubbornness; in the past it’s backfired and given me a lot of pressure and excuses to self-sabotage. But taking back control has since propelled both my professional life and my workout. Discipline reminds me to keep trying; whilst growing up means coming to terms with the fact that the world at your feet is hardly ever yours for the taking, some things – especially those that mean the most to you – are relatively easy (if not effortless) to commit to.

What brought you to Pherform?
To start with, I was never an active person. Given the nature of my studies and my being, I spent basically all of time in my own head, beating myself black and blue. When I came across yoga in London it was like a wake-up call: I had to re-learn my own body and breath, giving myself the utmost patience, and along the way I came to realize that everyone was in it for more or less the same reason. We all had some parts of ourselves or experiences that we needed to work with, as a post-injury veteran dancer, a sexual abuse survivor, or simply as a human. That knowledge was (and still is) key to my ongoing healing process. Then I started going to Adidas London’s women-only fitness studio regularly. I knew I’d need that momentum forever, so when Kathleen introduced me to Pherform after I moved back to HK, it was just like finding my way home.

What inspires you? What gets you up in the morning?
Kindness and compassion inspire me whether it’s from strangers, acquaintances or those close to my heart, because life can be so damn hard sometimes. I’m grateful to my partner for being my anchor and reminding me every day that I’ve got to try to give to those around me as much as I’ve received.

Pherform gets me up every morning, literally. The familiar faces, the adrenaline, the ache! Hitting the gym is like a physical manifestation of the mantra: whatever happens today, you’ve got this.